Pengaruh Tayangan Iklan Merokok Versi "Berhentilah Merokok Sebelum Rokok Menikmatimu"
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  Edisi : No. 2, 15 Juni
  Voume : XI
  Date : 2015
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Abstract :
Public service announcements issued by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, titled "Quit Smoking Before Smoking Enjoy Watching You" deliver the message about the dangers of smoking that has become an everyday phenomenon to the audience. Public service ads was originally shown in cinemas in big cities, and later aired on various television stations. Such as public service announcements before, conveying the message of the theme of anti-smoking campaigns represented the adverse effects of cigarette smoking with various signs of audio and visual using the approach of fear appeals in which audiences are intimidated by drawing creepy or messages that are threatening to cause effects afraid and deterrent, so expect the target audience who are active smokers can weigh a considerable negative effect smoking habits and gain what they could from the cigarette (if indeed there and not made-up), so the decision to quit smoking comes from within audiences. For this case study researchers used a method semiotic analysis to identify and deconstruct the structure of signs and meanings according to their knowledge and personal experience of the researcher. The study was conducted by taking the unit of analysis from parts of a scene from a video public service announcements as a whole. Analysis was done by semiotics Charles Peirce with trichotomy of icon, index and symbol, researchers can understand the meaning and signs contained in the dialogue in the ad, selecting backgrounds, wardrobe color selection, and selection of camera angle is used to emphasize the message. The whole range of elements contained in the public service announcements supporting the main message delivered by the advertiser, ie actively persuade smokers to quit smoking are encapsulated with the tagline 'Stop Smoking Before Smoking Enjoy Watching You. "

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