Kepuasan Mahasiswa dalam Menggunakan Internet (studi Korelasional Motivasi dengan Intensitas Menggun
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Increased internet users open up new business opportunities through online media in the form of electronic commerce or e-commerce. E-commerce allows the purchase and sale of products, services and information electronically by using computer networks. This thesis discusses Visual Effects of Exposure Advertising Online Shopping Shopping On The Internet Of Interests (Studies in the Virtual Community BloggerIndonesia In Anniversary Sale Event at Lazada 2015). The research on this thesis uses a quantitative approach using survey methods. In this study the authors used a sampling technique Simple Random Sampling is a sampling technique of all members of the population at random without regard to strata that exist in members of the population. Researchers using Taro Yamane formula with an error rate of 10%. In the analysis the researchers used a Likert scale as a measuring tool. The theory used in the operationalization of the concept is the theory of advertising exposure and buying interest. The results showed that the frequency and intensity are high enough visual advertising online viewing Anniversary Sale Lazada on the internet that have contributed to the interest in shopping. In addition, it is known that the interest expenditures of respondents were in either category, where the contents of the message easily understood by respondents and there is growing interest in shopping after viewing ads online visual Anniversary Sale Lazada 2015. The effect of visual online ad impressions Anniversary Sale Lazada 2015 to purchase interest in Blogger Indonesia virtual communities included in the high category. Based on these results Lazada need to clarify the message with price offers submitted from the advertised product so that consumers can more quickly capture product offerings that are being advertised. In addition, Lazada also need more attention to the qualities of the various products being advertised in terms of price and product quality to increase customer satisfaction.

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