Kajian Studi dari Fenomena Word Of Mouth Produk Es Krim OM
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  Edisi : No. 2, 15 Juni
  Voume : XI
  Date : 2015
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To advertise, a product must have a brand that serves as a differentiator from its competitors so that the message conveyed can be identified by the recipients of the message. In practical fact, there are products that do not have a brand, but a lot of discussion of people. This product can be known because its customers have a good experience of the product, which in turn labeled ice cream product with the name "Ice Cream Om," or commonly known as a mysterious ice cream in an online article. This study aims to explore the phenomenon of word of mouth on the ice cream brand om to be able to determine its contribution to the formation of ice-cream brand products Om, by analyzing the factors that led to word of mouth on the ice cream brand Om. The study was conducted in: JL. Mount Rainbow No. 106, Garden Diponegoro, LippoKarawaci - Tangerang, West Java. With a discussion of the terms of phenomenology and word of mouth, the researchers used the research paradigm constructivism, descriptive research and qualitative research approach because it would be in line with the characteristics of phenomenological research. Research carried out gradually with a few visits, results in the can is, that the word of mouth that events on the ground is different from what the researchers found in the internet. Results of this study concluded that the word of mouth happens unintentionally because of the customer experience with ice cream Om positive, eventually they recommend to their relatives just to tell you there is ice cream is tasty brew the Om in Karawaci, eventually, word of mouth in the form of words "Om" is acting as a substitute name is not owned by owner-made ice cream.

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