Analisis Penggunaan Even Sponsorship Sebagai Salah Satu Strategi Komunikasi Pemasaran Dalam Membangu
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  Edisi : No. 2, 15 Juni
  Voume : XI
  Date : 2015
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Abstract :
Smoking is one of the products which have limitations in the Promotion, this is because communications media restrictions by the government through Regulation No.81 / 1999. Such restrictions regarding the media and the promotion is not allowed to promote tobacco products. Currently, cigarette manufacturers utilize sponsorship as a media event in the promotion and marketing of their communications, researcher looked at Gudang Garam consistent to use of media sponsorship event on the theme of rock music festival. This issue discussed in this study is how the media use event sponsorship undertaken by Gudang Garam acts as a marketing communication strategy in building a brand image. This study aims to understand the role of exposure and the use of the Event Sponsorship as a marketing communication medium in building brand image Gudang Garam, to do with Java Event Rockin'land. The research approach used by researchers is a qualitative approach with constructivist paradigm .. The method used is a case study. The nature of research is descriptive. Data was collected by observation, interviews and literature studies. Based on the research results can be seen, event sponsorship undertaken by Gudang Garam can be a good marketing communication strategy. Its influence on branding (brand image) is also good because the audience considers the brand has characteristics corresponding to the consumer.

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