Analisa Pengaruh Program Komunikasi Pemasaran Dalam Pengambilan Keputusan Pemilihan Perguruan Tinggi
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  Edisi : No.1, 2 Februari
  Voume : X
  Date : 2014
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Education is a pillar of the establishment of the nation; Through pendidikanlah nations will erect able to maintain dignity. So important educational function in the context of the life of the nation. This condition causes the competition between universities to be very tight. The ability to understand the consumer becomes an important key to win this tight competition. The focus of this study was to determine the effect of marketing communications program for the college selection decisions are taken by prospective students. This research is a quantitative method using the EPIC (Empathy, persuation, Impact and Communications) as a basis to determine the influence of marketing communications programs against the decision of electoral college. This study uses an online survey to determine the number or size of the sample using the formula slovin. This study measured using the EPIC model parameters, namely: empathy, persuation, impact and communications. Where, validity and reliability of test results prove that the research instrument is valid. A significant difference between the variable empathy, persuation, impact and communications with marketing communication variables influence the decision making process for selecting a college.

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